Personal Enrollment Form Agreement

Welcome to Springfield State Bank's Internet Banking enrollment. By clicking on "I Agree" below, you are giving us permission to set up service for you as an on-line internet banking customer.

To use Springfield State Bank's Internet Banking, you must utilize a web browser software such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Please upgrade your browser regularly for the utmost security.

Your accounts will be updated as transactions post to your account on Springfield State Bank's normal business days of operation. Only the accounts that are owned by you, will show when you log in.

You may use Springfield State Bank's Internet Banking to receive, download, store or print information regarding your accounts, however you are responsible for the privacy of that information once it is downloaded to your personal computer.

There is no charge for viewing your account information online or for making transfers between your transactional accounts. Bank transfers from deposit accounts that are savings or money market deposit accounts are limited as required by law, and excess transfers involving these accounts may incur transfer fees.
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