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Auburn State Bank Online Banking Service Agreement and Disclosure Statement

Online Banking: You may use a Personal Computer (PC) through an Internet connection to obtain account balances and transaction information. You may also use your PC to obtain statements on your accounts and transfer money between your accounts.

Online Banking User ID and Password: You will be called by a bank representative confirming you applied for Online Banking and verification of your email address. Once enrolled in Auburn State’s Online Banking Service, you will receive an email confirmation and you will have access to your Online Banking. The first time you log in, and for increased security you will be asked to provide answers to several identifying challenge questions. As part of this Agreement, you authorize us to follow any instructions entered through Online Banking using your User ID and Password. Because your Password can be used to access money in your accounts, you should treat your Password with the same degree of care and secrecy that you use to protect your Debit Card PIN or other sensitive personal financial data. You agree not to give your Password, or make it available, to any person not authorized to access your accounts.

Transfers Online: As mentioned above, you may make transfers online between any of your Auburn State accounts; however, transfers from your savings and Money Market accounts are considered preauthorized transfers. Preauthorized transfers are limited to 6 per calendar month.

Bill Payment: As a part of Online Banking, Auburn State offers Bill Payment Services through “CheckFree Services Corporation” a subsidiary of Fiserv Solutions, Inc. The Bank offers the benefits and convenience of our basic Online Banking Service to you free. The Bill Payment Service is also free. If you sign up for Bill Payment Services, we strongly recommend that you print out and carefully review CheckFree’s “Terms and Conditions” concerning Bill Payment. This is your binding agreement with them concerning Bill Payment. (CheckFree Customer Service: Phone #800-877-8021)

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