Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement

Enrollment Instructions

Account holders can enroll in Bank 1st Online Banking by going to our website at and click on “Access Your Account”. Follow the steps below for getting enrolled successfully.

1. Please read the Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement by clicking on the link below. Click on “I Agree” when you are finished.
2. Next, you will be asked to complete our enrollment form (the mandatory fields have an asterisk by them) and then click “Submit”.
3. Your Enrollment Form will be sent electronically to the bank and we will then process your information.
4. In 5-7 working days we will mail you a Temporary User ID and a One Time Use password.
5. Once you receive this information, go to our website, click on “Access Your Account”. Login using your temporary User ID and your One Time Use Password you received. Your password will be in All Caps, 16 characters, and separated in 4 groups by dashes. **HINT** The password works best when entered without using the dashes.
6. Before you can access your accounts, you will be required to choose a new password. This password that you choose needs to be 6 characters and contain at least four alpha, one numeric, and one special character (i.e *). Be sure to choose a password that you won’t forget. We strongly advise against writing this information down.
7. You will need to verify that password. Remember that the password you enter is case sensitive.
8. You then need to enter a new User ID consisting of 6 characters; containing at least one alpha and one numeric character and are also case sensitive. Then click “login” and you should then be able to access your account information.
9. Also be sure to destroy the One Time Only password that you got from us. You will not need this again.
Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement
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