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This Redi-Net Banking Services Agreement (“Redi-Net Banking Agreement”) explains the terms and conditions governing the Redi-Net Banking Services offered through State Bank of Waterloo. You should read this Redi-Net Banking Agreement and the related information provided by the Bank prior to using Redi-Net Banking. By your initial and each subsequent use of Redi-Net Banking, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as amended from time to time, and to accept this disclosure and other information electronically. This Agreement will become effective after your application has been accepted. This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with all applicable federal and State of Illinois laws and regulations. The terms “we,” “us,” “our,” “Bank” and "SBW" refer to State Bank of Waterloo. The words “you”, “your”, and “yours” mean each deposit account owner, authorized deposit account signer, and anyone authorized to act on behalf of a deposit account owner. You agree that the Bank may provide any notices required by law or by this Agreement in electronic form. The term


You can access your SBW accounts through Redi-Net Banking. Each of your accounts at the Bank is also governed by your “Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure”, Funds Availability Act Disclosure, Electronic Funds Transfer Act Disclosure and related account agreements.


To access your personal and/or business accounts through Redi-Net Banking, you must have an eligible Bank account (listed below), a User ID, and an Redi-Net banking password. SBW Bank accounts accessible through Redi-Net Banking include:

*Freedom Checking *Freedom Rewards Checking
*Money Market Accounts *Savings Accounts
*Freedom Business Checking *Certificate of Deposits
*Mortgage, Business and Consumer Loans


You may generally access your bank accounts seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, at certain times, some or all of the online banking may not be available due to system maintenance, problems with the Internet or other circumstances beyond our control.

State Bank of Waterloo endeavors to provide you with dependable online banking. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the Internet, occasional inaccessibility should be expected. SBW cannot not and does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information provided through Redi-Net Banking. The Internet lacks inherent security for commercial transactions and therefore SBW does not guarantee that information transmitted or received from this site will not be intercepted or viewed by third parties. By using Redi-Net Banking, you acknowledge your understanding of and agreement to these statements.


There are no monthly fees for accessing your account(s) through Redi-Net Banking. Certain fees may apply to services ordered online. Bill pay services may have additional fees that will be made available to you at the time you sign up for these services.



Sending E-mail through Redi-Net Banking is a way to communicate with the bank. Redi-Net Banking has provided E-mail capabilities for you to ask questions about your account(s) or to provide us comments on your banking service. This E-mail capability is accessible after you sign on with your password to a secure session with Redi-Net Banking. Despite our best efforts, messages sent by E-mail may not be secure, may be intercepted by third parties and may not be immediately received by the appropriate department of State Bank of Waterloo. Please do not use E-mail to send us communications which contain confidential information, which we require in writing or which need our immediate attention. An Internet record that an E-mail has been “sent” or “received” is not verification that the E-mail has been received by SBW. You cannot use E-mail to initiate transactions on your account(s). For banking transactions, please use the appropriate functions within Redi-Net Banking or call State Bank of Waterloo for customer service at (618) 939-7195.


The Bank may, from time to time, introduce new Redi-Net Banking services. We shall update this Redi-Net Banking Services Agreement to notify you of these new services. By using these services when they become available, you agree to be bound by the rules contained in this Agreement.



We do not reveal information about your accounts or other personally identifiable data to parties outside our bank unless: (1) you request or authorize it; (2) the information is provided to a reputable credit bureau or similar information reporting agency; (3) the information is provided to help complete a transaction initiated by you; or (4) the disclosure otherwise is lawfully required.

Sometimes it is necessary to provide personally identifiable information about you to a party outside our bank such as a vendor or service company that we hire to provide support or services for one or more of our products. These service providers (the Internet service provider and the Bill Pay software provider) agree to safeguard our confidential information about you and your products and services with us and must abide by applicable law.


Please call or write us as soon as you can at the telephone number or address listed in this disclosure in case of errors or questions about your account, or if you think your paper statement or online statement is wrong, or if you need more information about transactions listed on your paper statement or online statement. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent the FIRST statement on which the problem or error appeared. When you tell us about your problem please:

(1) Tell us your name and account number.
(2) Describe the error or the transaction you are unsure about and explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information.
(3) Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error.

If you tell us orally, we may require that you send us your complaint or questions in writing within 10 business days.

We will determine whether an error occurred within 10 business days (20 business days if the transfer involved a new account) after we hear from you and will correct any error promptly. If we need more time, however, we may take up to 45 days (90 days if the transfer involved a new account, a point-of-sale transaction, or a foreign initiated transfer) to investigate your complaint or question. If we ask you to put your complaint or questions in writing and we do not receive it within 10 business days, we may not credit your accounts. An account is considered a new account for 30 days after the first deposit is made, if you are a new customer.

We will tell you the results within three (3) business days after completing our investigation. If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation. You may ask for copies of the documents that we used in our investigation.

If you have inquiries, please contact us at:

State Bank of Waterloo
Bookkeeping Department
501 N. Market, P. O. Box 148
Waterloo, IL 62298-0148

Business Days: Monday through Friday
Holidays are not included.
PHONE: (618) 939-7195


Tell us at ONCE if you believe another person has improperly obtained your Redi-Net Banking password. Also notify us if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account. Telephoning is the best way of keeping your possible losses down. You could lose all the money in your account. If you tell us within two (2) business days, you can lose no more than $50 if someone used your password without your permission.

If you do NOT tell us within two (2) business days after you learn of the loss or theft, and we can prove we could have stopped someone from accessing your account without your permission had you told us, you could lose as much as $500.

Also, if your paper statement or online statement shows withdrawals, transfers or purchases that you did not make or authorize, tell us at once. If you do not tell us within sixty (60) days after the statement was delivered to you, you may not get back any money you lost after the sixty (60) days if we can prove that we could have stopped someone from accessing your account if you had told us in time.

If a good reason (such as a long trip or hospital stay) kept you from telling us, we will extend the time periods.


If we do not complete a transfer to or from your Bank account on time or in the correct amount in accordance with our agreement with you, we will be liable for your direct loss or damage only, but not any indirect or consequential damages. We will not be liable, for instance:

(1) If, through no fault of ours, you do not have enough money in your account to make a transfer.
(2) If a legal order directs us to prohibit withdrawals from the account.
(3) If you account is closed or if it has been frozen.
(4) If you, or anyone you allow, commits any fraud or violates any law or regulation.
(5) If any electronic terminal, telecommunication device or any part of the electronic fund transfer system is not working properly.
(6) If you have not properly followed the instructions for using Redi-Net Banking.
(7) If you have an overdraft line and the transfer would go over the credit limit.
(8) If circumstances beyond our control (such as fire or flood) prevent the transfer, despite reasonable precautions that we have taken.


In addition to any other right reserved to the Bank in this Agreement or in any applicable Account Disclosure Statement, but subject to any written notice requirements, the Bank reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and your access to Redi-Net Banking, in whole or in part, at any time.


The first time you or someone authorized by you on your behalf, access your Bank accounts through Redi-Net Banking the system confirms your agreement to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Redi-Net Banking Agreement and acknowledges your receipt and understanding of this disclosure.

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