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State Bank of Arcadia
Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure

This Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure ("the Agreement") explains the terms and conditions governing the basic internet banking services and bill pay services offered by State Bank of Arcadia ("the Bank"). All internet banking services of any kind whatsoever offered or afforded by the Bank (including, but not limited to funds transfers and bill pay services) will be referred to collectively as "Internet Banking Services" in the Agreement. By using any of the Internet Banking Services, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and authorize the Bank to use any of your accounts to execute and settle transactions and/or fees initiated by you using the Internet Banking Services. The term "Business day" means all days except Saturday, Sunday and all banking holidays.

All Internet Banking Services are governed by this Agreement, all applicable federal regulatory disclosures, and the Deposit Account Terms and Conditions. All applicable fee schedules published by the Bank from time to time will apply to the Internet Banking Services. You are responsible for the payment of any fees incurred by you on any account, for any service, at any time. You agree to pay all such fees assessed by the Bank. Further, you agree to pay all telephone charges or fees incurred by you in accessing Internet Banking Services.

Your initial use of any Internet Banking Services in connection with your account at the Bank constitutes your acceptance and agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of the Deposit Account Terms and Conditions. Such initial use acknowledges your receipt and understanding of this Agreement and Deposit Account Terms and Conditions.

We may deliver certain information to you that is required by law or regulation to be provided to you in writing, including but not limited to information under Regulation E and under other applicable banking or financial services laws or regulations. You agree that the Bank may, as permitted by law, provide all applicable disclosures to you electronically. You are responsible for downloading or printing the disclosures. If you wish to withdraw consent to receive information electronically, to terminate the services or to update your information, you may call us at 608-323-3331, send a secure bank mail message within the services, or by sending a letter to Internet Banking Support, State Bank of Arcadia, PO Box 307, Arcadia, WI 54612.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may obtain a free copy of this agreement, any amendments to it, and other communications about this service in paper form by writing or calling us at the above address and telephone number.

All you need to use the online services and to receive this agreement and any future information is a personal computer and a modem (including a monitor) capable of accessing the Internet and sending and receiving email, along with a printer capable of printing copies if you wish to retain records in paper format. You will also need a domestic and secure browser with 128-bit encryption (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or 3.0 or higher). You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader software or Adobe compatible software, so you can view any Adobe PDF files. You are solely responsible for the maintenance, installations and operation of your computer, tablet and/or mobile device. The Bank shall not be responsible for any errors, deletions, or failures that occur as a result of any malfunction of your computer, tablet and/or mobile device or software.

You should routinely scan your personal computer, tablet and/or mobile device using a reliable virus detection product. Undetected or unrepaired viruses may corrupt and destroy your programs, files, and even your hardware. Additionally, you may unintentionally transmit the virus to other computers. The Bank shall not be responsible for any computer virus that affects your computer, tablet and/or mobile device or software while using our Internet Banking Services.

The Bank is entitled to act upon instructions received through any Internet Banking Service under your USER ID AND PASSWORD and without inquiring into the identity of the person using that USER ID AND PASSWORD. However, you agree that you will not, under any circumstances, disclose your USER ID AND PASSWORD by telephone or any other means to any person. You acknowledge that no person from the Bank will ever ask for your PASSWORD, that Bank employees do not need and should not ask for your PASSWORD. You agree never to provide your PASSWORD to anyone, including anyone claiming to represent the Bank. You are liable for all transactions made or authorized using your USER ID AND PASSWORD. The Bank has no responsibility for establishing the identity of any person or determining the validity of any transaction.

You agree that if you give your USER ID AND PASSWORD to anyone or fail to safeguard its secrecy, you do so at your own risk since anyone with your USER ID AND PASSWORD may have access to your accounts. You agree to notify the Bank immediately in the event your USER ID AND PASSWORD is compromised. At any time, you may ask the Bank to disable your Internet Banking Account.

For joint accounts, each person may have a separate USER ID AND PASSWORD, or each may use a joint USER ID AND PASSWORD. Each person on a joint account will be liable for all transactions that are made on that account. Each person on a joint account authorizes all transactions made by any other person on the account. Each person on a joint account agrees to be liable for the actions of the other person(s) on the account.

You hereby indemnify and release the Bank from any and all liability and agree not to make any claim against the Bank or bring any action against the Bank honoring or allowing any actions or transactions where you have authorized the person performing the action or transaction to use your account or when you have provided your USER ID AND PASSWORD to that person. You agree to reimburse the Bank for any losses it suffers or any damages, injuries, costs or expenses it incurs (including attorney's fees) as a result of the Bank's honoring or allowing transactions on the account where the USER ID AND PASSWORD was used.

The limitations of liability set forth in this Agreement are subject to, and limited by any state or federal law to the contrary.

The Bank has the right to modify or terminate this Agreement or the Deposit Account Terms and Conditions at any time. When making changes, the Bank will comply with all legal notice requirements. Once this Agreement is terminated, the Bank will not allow any additional transactions on the account, nor will additional Internet Banking Services be permitted. If this Agreement is modified, your continued use of the Account will represent your acceptance of the changes.

By selecting I agree below the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions relating to Internet Banking and acknowledgement of this Agreement.
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